2024 - Editor Assistant "Thug" Storyline studios
2024 - Editor Assistant Dark Horse - Storyline studios
2024 - Editor assistant "Fuld af Kærlighed" Nimbus film
2024 - Editor "I vor Dødstime" By Celena Faustino Veiga
2024 - Editor "Despite it all" By Søren Frederiksen (Doc)
2024 - Editor assistant "Orkestret S2" SAM productions
2023 -Editor Assistant "Tach och Förlåt" SAM productions
2023 - Editor Assitant "Ragnarok S3" SAM productions
2023 - Editor "FOUR MEALS FROM ANARCHY" By Elias Munk 
2023 - Editor "WANDERLOST" Directed by Laura Hildebrand 
2022 - Editing Assistant "RAGNAROK S3" NETFLIX 
2022 - Editor "HURRA FOR NORGE" Directed by Dawn Wall
 2022 - Editor "HYPNO" By Albert Johan Folmann 
2022 - Editing Assistant on the series "ELVIRA" 
2022 - Editor "NATTERAVNEN" By Cecilie Kronborg Thomsen 
2021 - Technical Consultant "On the Trail of the Queens" by Historieselskabet 
2021 - Editor "Wednesday" by Dawn Wall 
2021 - VFX/Editing Assistant "Wild with Dance" (DR DOKU) 
2021 - Editor "Hunnid22 - Breaking Bad Music video" By Daniel Barbisan & Mark Strehlow
 2020 - Editor "Second Hand" By Laura Hildebrand 
2020 - VFX "Ghetto Stars" (DR DOKU) 
2020 - VFX "Free Gear" (DR DOKU)
 2020 - Editing Assistant "Min Kamp" (DR FICTION) 
2020 - B-Editor and Technical Consultant on the documentary Sex, Sensations,
and Superstars - The Story of Danish Silent Film by Liv Thomsen 
2020 - B-Editor and Technical Consultant on the program series "Danish History Upside Down" by Liv Thomsen (DR2) 
2020 - Editor on the Music Video "On my way" by Steven Lindop
 2019 - Editor on the portrait series "My Passion" 1 episode "Daniel - The Stripe" by SEIN's Film Group KBH
 2019 - Editor on Campaign video for Conservative Youth by Søren Frederiksen
 2019 - Editor on Advertisement film Romeo by ello by Søren Frederiksen
 2019 - Editor on campaign videos for SEIN by Film Group KBH 
2019 - Editing Assistant on the film "Ibbermand" by Malthe Wermuth Saxer
 2018 - Editor on Film scenes for the performance "Strangers Together" by Rosa Lie (SEIN)
 2018 - Editor on the portraits "Adam and Stine" by Marie Mørk and Sara Mering (SEIN)
 2018 - Editor on the documentary film "Seamen Don't Cry" by Frederik Andersen
 2018 - Editor on the Short film "If It Were Just a Film" by Mathilde Kaae and Emilie Boye Larsen
 2017 - Editor on the Short film "Ether" by Victor Vendelbo
 2017 - Editor and director on the documentary film "The Way In"
 2017 - Filmmaker on promotional video for Special Waste System A/S 
2016 - Editor on Music Video for Christian Bjørn Larsen by Pernille Faber Johannesen
 2016 - 2018 Editor on promo videos for Nightclub Kalas 
2015 - 2018 Video creator on promo videos for Dj Skaaning
 2015 - Editor on campaign video for LF-Museet OMG exhibition by Pernille Faber Johannesen
 2015 - Editor on campaign video for Teatret Masken by Pernille Faber Johannesen


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